OCTG materials and production process

This chapter discusses OCTG materials and production process.

For OCTG, material “type” describes the composition of the steel used in manufacturing of the pipe, which impacts resistance to various types of corrosion.

The type of material for OCTG must be appropriate for the corrosiveness of the operating environment.

The six material types for OCTG are shown in […]

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Drill pipe Introduction

Drill pipe, one kind of OTCG, is a steel pipe with threaded tail, which is used to connect the surface equipment of drilling rig and drilling and grinding equipment or bottom hole device at the bottom of drilling.

The purpose of the drill pipe is to transport drilling mud to the bit and to […]

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The tubing falls off

How to solve the problem that the tubing falls off due to the loose closing of the locking ring of the tubing elevator?
An elevator is an important device for lifting and running tubing in workover operation. Its performance directly affects the efficiency and safety of workover operations. At present, the locking ring tubing elevator […]

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