EXPE Liner Surface Pipeline Guide

Buying Guide for EXPE Liner Surface Pipeline

Pipelines play an important role in transporting fluids in oilfields. The fluids are usually extracted from the well and transported to the metering points for further processing.

The pipelines must be in perfect condition to withstand different properties of the fluids and even the external conditions in and out […]

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FBE Coated Tubing Buying Guide

Buying Guide for FBE Coated Tubing Fusion Bond Epoxy Tubing

One of the key goals to consider in the tubing system is to prevent cases of corrosion and abrasion.

Since the tubings are used for transporting fluid, it is expected that they have to be subjected to frictional force from the inside.

Also, the external parts of […]

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HTPT Liner Tubing Buying Guide

Buying Guide for HTPT Liner Tubing

Tertiary And even secondary methods of oil extraction can involve the use of heat. This heat is injected in the form of hot water or hot gas. Chemicals can also be used in some cases.

The injected heat is used for making the oil deposits rise above the ground making […]

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