Polycore Tubing Buying Guide

What is Polycore Tubing?

Simply defined, a polycore tubing is a type of wellbore tubing that features polycore material lining.

Polycore is a high-density polythene liner that fits the HDPE requirement.

HDPE is resistant to corrosion hence it is used for enhancing the anti-corrosive properties of the oil well tubing.

It also ensures that tubing fragments are chemically […]

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Buying Guide for Precision Rolling Pipe

Buying Guide for Precision Rolling Pipe

In the oil recovery venture, one of the equipment that you should consider buying is the precision rolling pipes As the name suggests, this is a pipe that is designed for the high-accuracy in oil drilling.

Talks regarding the precision pipe always mention their strength and small diameters. Are precision […]

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Tungsten Plated Tubing Buying Guide

Buying Guide for Tungsten Plated Tubing

When buying tubing for wellbores there are many factors that you will consider. Among them is the strength and durability of the tubing.

While the type of material used will determine the overall durability of the tubing, there is more to it: the plating of the tubing.

The coating or plating […]

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