Tungsten Plated Tubing Buying Guide

Buying Guide for Tungsten Plated Tubing

When buying tubing for wellbores there are many factors that you will consider. Among them is the strength and durability of the tubing.

While the type of material used will determine the overall durability of the tubing, there is more to it: the plating of the tubing.

The coating or plating […]

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Buying Guide for Vacuum Insulation Tubing and Casing 

Vacuum Insulation Tubing and Casing

Secondary and tertiary oil recovery processes can involve the use of heat. Oil deposits in such oilfields are heavy and need to be melted before they are pumped to the surface.

The high-temperature conditions for such oil wells can pose a serious challenge to the ordinary oil recovery equipment. The normal […]

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OCTG Casing Complete Buying Guide

OCTG Casing Complete Buying Guide

Planning to buy OCTG casing in China?

Nuggets of advice here and there will help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing and even buying this equipment.

Let’s have a look at the essential information that you should know when buying OCTG casing for sale in China.

What is OCTG […]

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