Bottom Powder Coated Tubing Guide

Bottom Powder Coated Tubing

There is no doubt that for years, powder coating has remained among the most trusted methods of protecting steel products. This type of coating guarantees the strength and durability of the metal.

In the oil and gas industry, the coating is used on different oilfield equipment. Among them is the tubing.

Bottom powder […]

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Titanium Nano Polymer Coated Tubing Guide

Titanium Nano Polymer Coated Tubing

When it comes to the tubing used for oil recovery, you cannot afford to compromise on the quality of coating that is used. This is if you want to make your oil recovery business to be a profitable venture.

While many types of coatings can be used, choosing one can be […]

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EXPE Liner Surface Pipeline Guide

Buying Guide for EXPE Liner Surface Pipeline

Pipelines play an important role in transporting fluids in oilfields. The fluids are usually extracted from the well and transported to the metering points for further processing.

The pipelines must be in perfect condition to withstand different properties of the fluids and even the external conditions in and out […]

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