VIT Introduction

What’s Vacuum insulated tubing and casing

Vacuum insulated tubing and casing belongs to OCTG and now becomes significant to the exploitation of heavy oil.

Here is some introduction.

With the development of petroleum industry and the increase of petroleum consumption, the exploitation of heavy oil has become the main source of increased production for many oil companies […]

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OTCG Introduction

OTCG Introduction

This chapter discusses types of casing and tubing types
There are two basic types of pipes used in oil and gas exploration and production and standardized by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the International Standards Organization (ISO).
For in-well services (i.e., below the wellhead oil country tubular goods [OCTG]):

Casing: API 5CT/ISO 11960 with […]

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Reduce OCTG heat loss

How to reduce heat loss on couplings of Vacuum Insulated Tubing and Casing of OCTG

VIT is one important kind of OCTG for steam injection in heavy oil field. It can reduce heat loss during steam injection, improve steam injection and oil recovery efficiency, and protect oil well casing and cementing sheath from thermal stress damage.

In the existing […]

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