Coated sucker rod

With the increase of working time, conventional sucker rods are prone to corrosion and eccentric wear during operation, and are not suitable for harsh working conditions. In 2012, Sanjack developed a fully coated sucker rod. By using HDPE resin to fully coat the sucker rod body, the anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion of the sucker rod is realized. And this tech of Sanjack has gained patent in China, Canada and the United States.

Sanjack is the leading manufacturer of coated sucker rod in China.In order to improve the anti-corrosion and wear resistant performance of sucker rod, on the basis of Canada advanced liner tubing technology, Sanjack Company developed the HDPE coated sucker rod production line.

It is the ideal matching products of liner tubing.

For the oil well that uses the ordinary tubing, we add the centralizer on the sucker rod body to improve the service life of sucker rod and tubing. .

The coated layer is on the surface of the rod. Overall coated polymer material is the most effective anti-corrosion and wear-resistant technology.

Smooth surface and low friction coefficient with steel helps to reduce load of pumping unit and it has energy saving effect. Sanjack coated sucker rod already applied for a patent. New and used rods are all available for Sanjack coated tech. Now our annual processing capability is 600,000 joints.


1) Overall length HDPE coated

2) New and used sucker rod and pony rod all available

3) Anti-scaling

4) Anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion.


The coated sucker rod of Sanjack is especially suitable for high water cut oil wells with high corrosion and prone to eccentric wear.

The following is Sanjack coated layer performance data sheet.

Coated Layer Performance
SN Item Performance Execution Standard
1 Density/ g/cm3 1.1 GB/T1033
2 Vicat Softening Temperature / ℃ ≥180 GB/T1633
3 Tensile Yield Strength/ MPa ≥28 GB/T8804.3
4 Elongation at Break  Rate/ % ≥150 GB/T8804.3
5 Shore Hardness/ HD ≥80 GB/T2411
6 Mortar wear rate/ mg/h ≤3.5 Appendix

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