Drilling pipe and collar

  • Sanjack manufacture a variety of drilling pipes for oilfield including the common drilling pipe, Kelly bar, drill collar, anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion drill pipe according to int’l standards.
  • Sanjack has developed a series of special drilling pipes suitable for different well conditions, especially under high corrosion and high load conditions for oil well.
  • The company has an R & D center with a team composed of domestic authoritative professors and senior engineers to provide users with high-performance and practical products.
  • Our drilling pipes are exported to the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa and Middle East for more than 20 years..
  • Sanjack is the best Drilling pipe and collar Manufacturers for OCTG Tubing Pipes.

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Drilling pipe and collar Manufacturers and Suppliers

Various Types of Drilling pipes

Sanjack can produce a variety of Drilling pipes, including the Kelly bar, drill collar and heavy weight drilling pipe.

Drilling products diversification

Sanjack combines int’l standards, national standards and different working conditions to design different products.

Strong Technical Support

Sanjack developed special drilling pipes with many methods of high strength, internal coating, tungsten plating for harsh work conditions.

Strict Quality Inspection

Sanjack owns a national-level laboratory, which can conduct raw material inspection, production inspection and specific physical and chemical properties test.

drilling pipe
  • Upset type including IU,EU and IEU
  • According to int’l standards
Kelly bar
  • Divided into two types,square and hexagon
  • Intl standards
  • Weight/wall thickness is larger.
  • In accordance with int’l standards
High strength drilling pipe
  • The strength grade includes X95, G105, S135
  • Suitable for large working load
Tungsten plated drill pipe
  • Tungsten alloy electroplating
  • Applicable to the working conditions with sewage and corrosion
Round drilling collar
  • Integral structure
  • Based on int’l standards
Non-magnetic drill collar
  • Special alloy steel material
  • Low magnetic permeability and fine mechanical properties
Spiral drill collar
  • Spiral groove on the surface
  • To prevent drill tools sticking

Sanjack was founded in 1964 in Shengli Oilfield. With its enterprising spirit and scientific and rigorous management, Sanjack has become a reliable drill pipe supplier in China, and won the trust of customers all over the world due to exquisite technology, excellent product quality and instant service. All technical staff is ready to provide assistance in drilling pipe selection and design
Sanjack unwavering commitment to quality extends beyond manufacturing to all aspects of business such as sales, service, support, planning and others. With inventory and field sales support in strategic location, we are ready to respond in a timely professional manner 24 hours a day.

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The drilling pipe:Brief Guide for Importers and Buyers

The drilling pipe is the basic component of the drill string, which is mainly used to transmit torque, convey drilling fluid, and continuously connect the drill tools. As a result, the drilling pipe plays an important role in the drilling process. If one company could purchase the drilling pipe with the highest quality and cost performance, the company would effectively reduce procurement cost and improve drilling production efficiency.

The following article may give you some advice about how to choose an excellent drilling pipe supplier.

First, complete certificates

Drilling pipe production is a standardized industry. There exist a few widely recognized certificates to prove the production capability and product quality. Before purchasing any drilling pipe, you must check the certificates of the supplier first. Necessary drill pipe certificates are generally divided into two types: product certificates, including int’l standards certificates, and quality management system certificates, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.

Today, int’l standard is the most authoritative and universal petroleum equipment standard in the international market. So any supplier should get both two types int’l certificates to prove its design, production and quality control can meet the requirements of international standards and trustworthiness.

In addition, the buyer should check how many years the supplier has obtained the int’l certificate and whether there is a record of deactivation. Long time of continuous int’l certification shows the drilling pipe supplier is dependable. All of this information can be found conveniently on the API website.

Second, well-appointed production equipment

Drilling pipe production is a comprehensive process. There are many processes involved, including welding, lathe machining, end upsetting, heat treatment, assembly, flaw detection, spraying and other procedures. The whole operation needs various machines such as CNC, upsetting machining, heat treatment equipment, ultrasonic flaw detection instrument and others.

If the supplier has complete production equipment, it can cover the whole production process with the quality management system and can control the product quality and delivery time better. Quality and delivery time are significant to buyers.

Third, strict quality control

To ensure smooth drilling production, the drilling pipe requires reliable quality which means low failure rate. Quality control must occupy the first place in drilling pipe production.

Relevant quality control has mainly two parts. First, a comprehensive quality management system must be established. The supplier shall strictly implement int’lstandard for quality control. This can be verified by checking certificates and quality control documents of the supplier. The second is to have a complete set of quality inspection equipment. The supplier shall own the raw material inspection equipment, process inspection equipment, measuring tools, complete drilling pipe test equipment, and ensure that the inspection equipment is regularly checked and measured accurately as well. Factory inspection can be conducted on site or online by TPI.

Fourth, integrated after-sales service network

Working environment of the drilling pipe may be really serious. If any problem occurs during operation, the supplier shall be able to provide timely and efficient after-sales service to help the client deal with the problem ASAP. Such as restore the drilling pipe operation, shorten the downtime caused by the drilling pipe fault, and reduce client loss finally. The after-sales service capability can be reflected by the scale of its overseas after-sales service institutions and service personnel.

Any client should pay attention to the four aspects above before drilling pipes procurement. If one supplier has notable advantages in these aspects, it means the supplier is creditable of drilling pipe production.

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