Buying Guide for EXPE Liner Surface Pipeline

EXPE Liner Surface Pipelines

Pipelines play an important role in transporting fluids in oilfields. The fluids are usually extracted from the well and transported to the metering points for further processing.

The pipelines must be in perfect condition to withstand different properties of the fluids and even the external conditions in and out of the wellbore.

It is for this reason that most pipelines are pacified with linings. A liner is an extra material that is added to the tubing material to enhance its performance.

In this case EXPE ( is used as the lining material. It has numerous desirable features that make it a perfect liner for the pipeline and tubing equipment.

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What is EXPE Liner Surface Pipeline

EXPE stands for the enhanced polyethylene and is one of the toughest plastics that exist in the market. It is a strong thermoplastic material that features a crystalline structure.

Since this is enhanced, it is stronger than the ordinary PE. The material features superior qualities and characters than the normal PE.

When used for lining and coating purposes, EXPE protects against physical and chemical damages. Your pipeline or tubing equipment will remain in pristine condition.

expe liner surface pipeline

What are the Applications of EXPE Surface Pipeline?

Surface pipelines are a common feature in most oilfields.

The most common application is for transmitting fluids between the wellbore and the metering plant. The system is used for measuring mass and volumetric flow of the refined or manufactured fluid.

Another common application is for the pipelines between the wellhead and the metering plant. These pipelines are used for transporting the recovered hydrocarbons from the top of the oil well to the metering systems.

EXPE liner pipeline can also be used in other areas of transporting hydrocarbons over the surface.

EXPE lining surface pipeline

Properties of EXPE Liner

To understand why EXPE is such an ideal material for lining pipeline, let’s have a brief look at some of its properties:

Mechanical properties of EXPE

The mechanical properties define the physical characteristics of the EXPE liner for the pipeline.
EXPE material has a high density and high impact strength. It is also a rigid material that cannot be easily affected by external forces.

The EXPE has a low coefficient of friction. This means that the surface of the lining can be rarely affected by the friction from the flowing fluid or even soil and water that is surrounding the pipeline.

With this excellent mechanical properties, it means that you can go on with your oil exploration activities without worrying about the state of your pipeline systems.

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Chemical properties of EXPE lining

The chemical properties will mainly determine the behavior of lining when it comes into contact with other chemicals. Since polyethylene has a molecular structure, it tends to crystallize to form a hard layer.

The high crystallinity of the material is the reason behind its high density and even chemical stability.

EXPE has excellent chemical resistance meaning that it cannot be easily affected by chemicals. It is also resistant to oxidants and reducing agents-which are common in most wellbores.

Also, the lining does not absorb nor allow leakage of gas and other fluids. It also remains stable even when exposed to UV rays.

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Thermal properties of EXPE

Thermal properties determine the behavior of the lining material when exposed to high temperatures.

This is vital considering that some methods of oil extraction involve the use of heat. So, the material should withstand such conditions.

EXPE has a high resistance to temperature. It can withstand heat from the fluid and any other source in the wellbore.

Electrical properties of EXPE lining

The EXPE lining material is an excellent electrical insulator. This means that it offers significant resistance to the flow of electric current.
This property is vital as it ensures that there is minimum energy loss from the pumping system.

Features of EXPE Liner Surface Pipeline

Now that you know the key properties of the materials that make up this pipeline, it is time to understand the main product that you are about to buy.

Here are some of the main features that make up this EXPE liner surface pipeline:

-The pipeline features the 3PE status which is a perfect solution to corrosion and abrasion. This feature guarantees the durability of the pipeline.

-EXPE is also used to line inside the pipeline. This is done to deal with the corrosion that can occur as a result of friction between the fluid and the pipe.

A connector inside the tubing or pipeline is used to ensure that the liner has a seamless continuous.

The anti-corrosion effect extends to the junction whereby all the sections have to be treated separately. This means that there are no leakages of fluids that can lead to accidents.

The EXPE liner surface has adequate compressive strength. This is done to allow reuse and repair when necessary.

-The continuity of the liner is further enhanced by elbows and tees. They also play a role in giving it anti-corrosive properties.

The air-tight sealing of the pipeline prevents the fluid from leaking while at the same time make sit impermeable to water from the outside.

EXPE Surface Liner pipeline manufacturer in China

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