Buying Guide for FBE Coated Tubing Fusion Bond Epoxy Tubing

Fusion Bond Epoxy Tubing
One of the key goals to consider in the tubing system is to prevent cases of corrosion and abrasion.

Since the tubings are used for transporting fluid, it is expected that they have to be subjected to frictional force from the inside.

Also, the external parts of the tubing are affected by friction soil, water, and other mediums.

One of the ways that have been adopted for minimizing corrosion, abrasion, and other resistance forces is using the Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) coated tubing.

This type of coating has proven to be effective in other applications including in the oil and gas extraction.

Should I buy FBE coated tubing in China? Well, there are plenty of reasons that can motivate you to buy this tubing.

What is (Fusion Bonded Epoxy)FBE Coated Tubing?

As the name suggests this is an oil well tubing that is thoroughly coated with FBE material. FBE which in full stands for Fusion Bonded Epoxy is a type of thermosetting powder that is coated on the tubing.

FBE has excellent properties that enable it to protect the pipelines which are used in oil production.

Apart from corrosion and abrasion, FBE has excellent thermal properties that enable it to give the tubing protection against the adverse effects of temperature.

FBE coated tubing is one of the most promising solutions that will have many positive impacts on your oil production venture.

Properties of FBE Coating
Properties of FBE Coating

To understand why we are encouraging you to buy FBE coated tubing, let’s start by looking at the key component which is FBE.

Here are some of the properties of FBE that make it an ideal coating for oil and gas tubing.

Excellent adhesive properties
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FBE is one of the materials that have high adhesion to steel-the preferred material for tubing. When used as a coating it will form a tight bond with steel.

High adhesion eliminates any chances of the steel to be affected by corrosion caused by various external forces. This is because the coating and the tubing material will form a near-permanent bond that will be impossible to break.

Superior adhesion of the FBE material with the steel elevates the cathodic bonding of the tubing. This eliminates the need to add extra cathodic protection. This one also minimizes the effects of rust and corrosion.

Impressive thermal properties

FBE has excellent temperature properties. It has a high melting point and remains intact even in the extremely low-temperature conditions.

The desirable thermal capabilities make the material for tertiary oil recovery techniques. Since most of these methods require the use of high temperatures, the physical state of the tubing will not be affected in any way.

Excellent mechanical properties

The mechanical features of FBE are among the top reasons why it is used for coating wellbore tubing.
The material has a high tensile strength which makes it unbreakable at all conditions.

The hardness of the FBE material minimizes the damage of the oilfield equipment during transportation, installation, and operation.

Still, on the mechanics, the coating provides good electrical insulation.

Inert to chemicals

FBE coating does not react easily when it comes to direct contact with most chemicals.

Since most corrosion on steel is due to exposure to different chemicals, the chemical resistance of the FBE coating provides adequate protection that will ensure your tubing lasts for long.

Apart from chemicals, FBE does not have any negative reaction when placed in water. So, it can be used for both onshore and offshore oil drilling.

Economical and non-toxic coating

FBE is among the cheapest coatings that are used on oilfield equipment. Despite being cheap, the coating is still able to maintain its excellent properties.

The coating does not have a toxic element. You can use it comfortably without worrying about the negative impact that it will have on your health or even animals.

How is FBE Coating Applied on Wellbore Tubing

Since FBE has a high adhesive to steel, you can easily assume that the application of the coating is an easy process.

As a reliable FBE coated tubing manufacturer, we take nothing for granted. We ensure that utmost care is given when applying the coating on the tubing.

The first step entails cleaning the steel tubing. We do this to remove all forms of impurities that have the potential of compromising the bond between steel and FBE coating.

The second stage involves heating the tubing to the recommended FBE temperatures. This is to ensure that it will form a perfect bond with the coating.

The last stage entails the actual application of the coating which is known as the curing process.

The above procedures are used regardless of the length or diameter of the tubing. The application is done continuously due to the linear design of the tubing.

Specifications of Powder Coated Tubing

When buying FBE coated tubing in China, you should pay attention to its specifications. They give all the details of what you should expect from the tubing.

Key technical specifications that you should focus on include:

-Wear resistance
-Impact resistance
-Adhesion which entails bonding and X-cutting
-Dry film thickness
-General appearance
-Leakage point

Once you confirm all these specifications and you are contented that they are perfect for your wellbore, you can go ahead and buy the equipment.

FBE Coated Tubing Manufacturer in China

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Are you looking for the best FBE coated tubing for sale in China? Settle for nothing but the best manufacturers and suppliers. This is the only way of ensuring that you get oilfield equipment that is worth the cost.

Once you find the manufacture, inquire about the cost of FBE tubing and its features. Do they fit what you have always wanted? Go ahead and buy without any hesitation.

We at San Jack Petro are rated among the most reliable FBE coated tubing manufacturers in China. This is due to various attributes that characterize us.

One of them is deep experience in this field. We have been manufacturing FBE coated tubing for over 25 years and the quality of our products speaks for itself.

We are also a customer-oriented manufacturer whereby our core mandate is to meet the needs of our customers.

In case you are looking for Fusion bonded epoxy coated tubing in China, just contact us and we will be glad to deliver.