Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

High strength means high yield strength in physical performance. The basic structure and production process of high-strength drill pipes are almost the same as that of conventional drill pipe, while the main difference lies in the selection of materials. Sanjack can manufacture high strength drilling pipe with high quality. We have rich experience in production and a strong ability in research and development. Our products include various series of high strength and ultra-high strength drilling pipe based on client requests.

In the strength design of drill string, it is recommended to improve the strength of drill string by increasing the steel grade instead of increasing the wall thickness. The grade of drill pipe refers to the grade of drill pipe steel, which is determined by the minimum yield strength of drill pipe steel.

According to intl standards, there are 4 grades of drill pipe steel: E, X95, G105and S135, of which X, G and S are high-strength drill pipes. The higher the steel grade of the drill pipe, the greater the yield strength of the pipe, and the greater the various strengths of the drill pipe (tensile, torsional and extrusion resistance, etc.).


The following shows the comparison of mechanical properties between conventional drill pipe and high strength drill pipe.

Grade Yield strength psi Tensile strength psi Elongation % Charpy V impact ft-lb
min max min min min 70℉
E 75 000 105 000 100000 a 40 average
X 95 000 125 000 105000 a 40 average
G 105 000 135 000 115000 a 40 average
S 135 000 165 000 145000 a 40 average



1)120~160mm long

2) Transition area long & Smooth

3) Equipped with Make & Break Machine, we can perform make & break testing as per customer requirement

4) Cold rolling of the threads can be carried out as per client demands.

5) Different materials can be selected according to different needs of customers to achieve the best product performance and economic value ratio.


Light and thin-walled high-strength steel drill pipes can be used to solve the drilling problems of extended reach wells, ultra-deep wells and deep water drilling

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