Buying Guide for HTPT Liner Tubing


Tertiary And even secondary methods of oil extraction can involve the use of heat. This heat is injected in the form of hot water or hot gas. Chemicals can also be used in some cases.

The injected heat is used for making the oil deposits rise above the ground making it easy to extract oil and gas.

Ordinary tubing equipment may not be ideal for such conditions. This is due to the fact that extremely high temperatures can have adverse effects on the tubing material.

This is where extra features such as the HTPT lining is added to the tubing. Apart from just heat, the lining enhances the overall strength of the tubing.

Are you considering to buy HTPT liner tubing in China? I think it will be wise to spare a few minutes and see what we have to say about it.

HTPT Liner Tubing

What is HTPT Liner Tubing?

HTPT tuber liner tubing is a type of tubing that is lined with polyethylene thermoplastic.

The best tubings for oil and gas production have a different lining. Each lining that is used has its unique features or characteristics.

In this case, polyethylene is chosen because it has some desirable features that make it an ideal lining

Some of its features include:

-High chemical resistance- It cannot be easily affected by chemicals
-High impact resistance
-for use in oil recovery
-Resistance to wear, tear, and fatigue
-Economical-the lining is cheaper than most alternatives in the market.

Benefits of HTPT Liner Tubing

Should I buy HTPT liner tubing for oil and gas production? Chances are you are not sure whether the tubing that has HTPT lining.

In reality, there are many advantages that you stand to gain when you buy and use HTPT liner. Here are some of these gains.

Reduces rod wear

Normally, the rod string of the tubing is susceptible to constant wear and tear as long as the oil pump is in operation. If you buy ordinary rods, then you will have to do regular maintenance every now and then.

HTPT Liner Tubing manufacturers

It will be different if you choose HTPT liner tubing as it is well-cushioned from quick wear and abrasion.

This means that you will spend less on replacing the rod.

Reduces the energy consumption

The process of pumping the recovered oil from the underground to the surface requires energy. Do you know that the amount of energy consumed can be determined by the nature of the tubing?

It takes more energy to pump through irregular tubes.

This is where the aspect of HTPT lining comes in. The lining ensures that the fluid flows through it smoothly without any effort.

This will go a long way in saving the energy that is needed for pumping the recovered oil.

Can be used on different types of oil wells:

One of the best attributes of HTPT tubing lining is it increases the versatility of the tubing.

By this, we mean that you will be able to use the tubing in any oil field without worrying about whether it will withstand the new conditions.

This is possible due to the tensile strength and even hardness of the tubing lining.

It can be drilled through any kind of ground until it reaches the oil deposits. With versatility, it means that you will only need one tube for all your oil exploration activities.

Efficient and reliable

The efficiency of a tubing system can be defined by its ability to ensure a smooth flow of the fluid while at the same time serve its mandate for the expected number of years.

This is exactly what you will get when you use HTPT tubing for oil recovery. It allows all the recovered oil to flow from the reserve to the processing plant.

Economic viable

All the benefits that we have listed sum up to one thing-economic viability of the oil field equipment.

You will save quite a good amount of money if you opt for the best HTPT tubing in China.

For instance, the durability of these tubings means that you will spend less on repair and even replacement of the tubing.

Quality Assurance of HTPT

HTPT Tubing

Before the HTPT liner tubing is presented to the market, it has to undergo a quality assurance process. This is to verify that it is of good quality and ready for use in any oil recovery process.

At San Jack Petro we have a series of procedures that we follow to ensure that HTPT liner tubing is of premium quality.

It all starts with testing the polyethylene material to ensure that it is of the right quality. This is because the overall performance of the tubing will be determined by this lining.

We also have to test the quality of the steel that will be used for making the actual tubing. It should meet the minimum standards.

The final step entails testing the whole product which is a combination of the tubing and its lining.

HTPT Tubing Manufacturing

HTPT Tubing Manufacturer in China

San Jack Petro is the leading manufacturer of HTPT liner tubing in China. With this tubing liner, you can be sure of improving the performance and efficiency of your oil fields.

We follow strict procedures when designing and manufacturing HTPT liner tubing for oil and gas production.

This is in addition to the fact that all our tubings, including the HTPT, are intl standards certified. This simply means that they meet the international standards for oil and gas equipment.

We are an experienced HTPT tubing manufacturer boasting of 25 years in this industry.

In all these years, we have been improving our manufacturing practices with the aim of meeting the deepest needs of our clients.

We even manufacture custom HTPT liner tubing that will fit perfectly in your wellbore.

All that you need to do is contact us and place your request with regards to buying HTPT tubing in China.

As an open and transparent company, we will be ready to answer all your queries with regards to this quality tubing for oil and gas production.