What is Polycore Tubing?

what is Polycore Tubing

Simply defined, a polycore tubing is a type of wellbore tubing that features polycore material lining.

Polycore is a high-density polythene liner that fits the HDPE requirement.

HDPE is resistant to corrosion hence it is used for enhancing the anti-corrosive properties of the oil well tubing.

It also ensures that tubing fragments are chemically and mechanically bonded to form a seamless coating.

high density polyethylene tubing

Unlike other materials, polycore tubing is tolerant of the surface imperfections.

With it, you don’t have to worry about bonds that may be formed due to adhesive or even thermal effects.

Benefits of Polycore Tubing for Oil Recovery

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Should I buy polycore tubing for oil extraction? This is a question that most people who have never used this equipment tend to ask.

The factual truth is that polycore tubing is a special type of tubing that comes with numerous advantages.

Some of the benefits of using this tubing include:

Durable: The tubing features high-quality construction that makes it strong and durable. This means that the tubing will survive on all types of oilfields regardless of how rugged they may be.

It also means that you will rarely spend on the replacement or even repair of the tubing.

Prevents rod tubing wear: Tubing wear is a common issue. Polycore tubing is in a different class as it is designed to minimize the effects of wear and tear.

This also helps to cut the cost of maintaining oilfield tubing.

No need for corrosion inhibitors: One of the things that you are likely to ask when buying oilfield tubing is whether it has a corrosion inhibitor.

The good news is that with polycore tubing, you don’t have to worry about this issue.

They are built to prevent corrosion and even abrasion.

-Polycore tubing eliminates the use of a rod guide during the oil recovery process. It also does not require the use of stabbing guides or even coupling inserts. All these compounds on the ease of maintenance.

Chemically inert: The tubing is chemically inert to most chemicals that are likely to cause damage or even contamination So, apart from corrosion, you will have no reason to worry about any chemical reactions that can affect the extraction of oil.

Easy to install and use: This type of tubing does not require highly trained experts for installation. Your technicians can do it.

Highly adaptable: You can install the tubing to the existing oil well equipment and continue with the operation without doing any major changes.

The adaptability of the tubing makes it suitable for different types of an oil well.

From these benefits, it is clear that polycore tubing lining has both the economic and performance advantages during the oil recovery process.

It will help you save a significant amount of money while at the same time improve the efficiency and effectiveness of oil production.

Polycore Tubing pipes

Polycore Tubing Technical Specifications

When buying polycore tubing, it is vital that you pay attention to its technical specifications. They determine whether the tubing will be a perfect fit for your wellbore.

Some of the specifications include:

-Tensile strength
-Maximum and minimum temperature
-Elongation break
-Diameter of the pipe

Confirm with the wellbore technicians so that you can choose a tubing whose specifications will match your needs.

What are the Applications of Polycore Tubing

Can I use polycore tubing in my oil well? Like most oil recovery products, you may not be sure whether this kind of tubing is the best fit for your oil well.

The good news is that polycore tubing enjoys immense versatility: It can work on different types of oil wells.

Here are some of the common applications of polycore tubing:

-Beam pumped oil wells: these are oil wells that are pumped with beams to bring the oil on the surface.

-Water injection; such wells use injected water to melt the oil which will then be pumped to the surface.

-Gas injection oil well: Here, hot gas is injected into the oil well to speed up the process of recovering oil.

-Gas lift well: In these oil wells, the extraction process is aided by bubbles of compressed air and water vapor.

-Acid gas injection: In these oil well, a combination of gas and acid is injected into the oil well.

Polycore Tubing Manufacturer in China

Where can I find the best polycore tubing lining? After reading all this guide and deciding that you are going to buy this type of tubing. The next critical step is choosing a polycore tubing manufacturer or supplier.

There are various techniques for finding the best polycore tubing. Some of the methods include:

-Referrals from friends and colleagues
-Google search
-Social media
-Business listings
-Market places

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Once you find the manufacturer, verify if they can deliver the best polycore tubing for oil and gas production.

You can even check polycore tubing reviews to see what other people are saying about the manufacturer.

You should even consider visiting the premises of the manufacturer to confirm that they have the capacity to deliver the tubings.

Once you are sure of everything, then proceed to buy the polycore tubing in China.

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