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Sanjack Petro manufactures Polycore tubing in China. We have our own factory of Polycore tubing. Sanjack Petro provide the high quality and competitive price on Polycore tubing for you. Contact us now for Polycore tubing quotation.

  • The HDPE liner tubing has extremely high corrosion resistance and wear resistance, which is an excellent solution for controlling oil well corrosion and partial wear.
  • The wear resistance of the HDPE is five times that of the steel.
  • The repair free time of oil well has been extended by 4 to 7 times, and the operation cost has been greatly reduced.

HDPE Liner Tubing/ Polycore Tubing

In 2003, Sanjack became the first Chinese company who introduce HDPE liner tubing production line.

Up to now, Sanjack has provided 15 million meters HDPE liner tubing for more than 10,000 wells home and abroad.

The repair free time has been extended by 4 to 7 times, and the operation cost has been greatly reduced.

Products are exported to Oman, Bahrain, Ecuador, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Sudan,etc.

Product Features

1.Advanced: It is the most effective anti-wear technology in the world;

2.Wear resistance: low friction coefficient, wear resistance is more than five times that of steel;

3.Anti-corrosion: resistant to all kinds of acid, alkali, salt;

4.Anti-scaling: the inner wall is smooth and the polarity is strong;

5.Adaptability: Oil and water wells are easy to operate and adapt to changes in temperature and load;


Technical Parameter

S/N Indicator Type Technical Indicators and Test Conditions Technical Requirement Test Standard
1 Normal Temperature Properties Density,g/cm3 0.94-0.97 GB/T 1033.1
2 Shore Hardness,HD ≥65 GB/T 2411
3 Vicat Softening Temperature(A50),℃ ≥130 GB/T 1633
4 Notched Charpy Impact Strength,KJ/m2 ≥50 GB/T 1043.1
5 Elongation at Break,% ≥400 GB/T 8804.3
6 Tensile Fracture Yield Strength,MPa ≥20 GB/T 8804.3
7 Sliding Wear,mm2/m 73 ≤0.0055 Q/SH 1020 1889
8 89 ≤0.0035
9 Aging Properties Change Rate of Elongation at Break,% Oil bath at 95℃, 6d,room temperature adjustment for 48h ≤15 Q/SH 1020 1889
10 Change Rate of Tensile Fracture Yield Strength,% ≤15 Q/SH 1020 1889
11 Mortar Wear,mm ≤0.05 Q/SH 1020 1889


Parameter Changes compared with normal tubing

1.Change in weight

After lined, the weight increase by 7%~8%;The density of liner is 0.94g/cm3, close to oil liquid.

2.Change in ID

The inner diameter of HDPE liner tubing changes compared with normal tubing, and the specific size is as follows

Size Unlined ID Go Gauge Lined ID Go Gauge
2 7/8 62 59.62 54 51
3 1/2 76 72.82 67 64
4 1/2 100.54 97.36 89 86
  1. 3. Change in Coupling length

The purpose of using the extra long coupling is to eliminate the risk of pin ends contact and ensure that J-area gap is maintained according to intl standards.

  1. 4. Change in working temperature

Working temperature is 100 °C, which is much lower than that of the normal tubing.


Product Application

Oil and water wells with well depth not exceeding 1800 m and temperature not exceeding 100 ℃.

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