Buying Guide for Precision Rolling Pipe

precision rolling pipes

In the oil recovery venture, one of the equipment that you should consider buying is the precision rolling pipes As the name suggests, this is a pipe that is designed for the high-accuracy in oil drilling.

Talks regarding the precision pipe always mention their strength and small diameters. Are precision pipes any different from normal pipes?

Read on as we give you a guide on how to buy the best precision rolling pipe in China.

What is a Precision Rolling Pipe?

A precision rolling pipe is a type of pipe that bis manufactured to the utmost precision especially when it comes to the diameter and finishing.

The pipe is usually made of stainless steel or carbon alloy to give it the extra strength – an ideal for the oil recovery process

The dimensions of the pipes must also be accurate so that it meets the exact requirements of a wellbore.

Precision pipes are manufactured through cold rolling and hot rolling process to ensure that they are seamless. Unlike other pipes, precision pipes don’t have segments thanks to the rolling process.

The surface finishing of precision rolling pipes is flawless. It prevents any cases of deformation and physical damages when they are in use.

Distinct Features of Precision Rolling Pipe

precision rolling pipes

Certain features are unique on precision rolling pipes and not on any other type of pipe. Let’s have a look at some of these features:

Dimension accuracy: A rolling precision pipe has a high tolerance to the dimension accuracy.

The accuracy of these pipes is between +/-0.05% when considering the inner and outer wall finish. The surface is devoid of the oxidation layer.

Built for performance: The preciseness in manufacturing these pipes gives them an upper hand when it comes to the performance.

The pipes are geared for high performance in their respective areas of application.

A rolling pipe can withstand high pressure, flattening, bending, and flaring without cracking or breaking apart.

It won’t be deformed even when subjected to intense forces.

Quality material: Since the pipe is manufactured for intense applications, the quality of the material must always be given a top priority.

It is for this reason that stainless steel and carbon alloy are the preferred options for the rolling pipe.

High density: the pipes are made from high-density materials hence ideal for the rugged terrain and intense applications.

Advantages of Precision rolling Pipes

Why should I buy precision rolling pipes in China? You may ask. There are tons of benefits that you will gain by choosing to buy these pipes.

Here are some of the top reasons why most oil and companies use precision rolling pipes for the oil recovery process:

-Are accurate and fit in different oilfield applications
-They are seamless hence improve the efficiency and processing
-Versatile as they can be used in different types of oil fields
-Strong and durable thanks to the quality of raw material and manufacturing techniques.

Precision Rolling Pipe Application

precision rolling pipe finishing rolling

Precision rolling pipe is mainly used for those applications that require high levels of accuracy.

They are also ideal for the high-performance applications in the oilfield.

Common applications of precision rolling pipe in oilfield include pump barrel, sucker rod coupling, motor bearing and housing, sucker rod pump, in the manufacture of pump barrel.

precision rolling pipes application

The strength, accuracy, and working mechanism of precision pipes make it ideal for executing such functionalities without any constraints.

Other types of rolling pipes can easily fail in such applications.

Material Standards for Precision rolling Pipes

The choice of the materials for manufacturing the precision pump also makes it ideal for the listed applications.

Stainless steel and brass are the most common materials and are manufactured to meet the required standards. This is one way of proving that the precision rolling pipe is of the highest quality.

Some of the stainless steel standards for precision rolling pipes include EN10305, DIN1630, DIN1629, ASTM A106, ASTM A179, JIS G3445.

The precision rolling pipes from China are also required to meet many other standards that we have not listed here.

This is done to ensure that you get quality oilfield equipment that will not fail you when it comes to the performance factor.

The standards also guarantee the safety of the product in question.

Size Tolerance of Precision rolling Pipes

One of the reasons why it is called precision rolling pipes is the size. These pipes are manufactured at utmost preciseness with very minimal tolerance to error.

Some of the tolerance factors of the pipe include:

-OD tolerance is +/- 0.1%
-The diameter of the pipe, for size 6mm to 10mm, has a tolerance of +/-2% while the premium tolerance condition is +/- 0.15%.

The diameter of size 10mm to 30mm has a tolerance of 0.2% and 0.4% for premium tolerance.

The diameter of size 10mm to 30mm has a tolerance of 0.2% and 0.4% for premium tolerance.

The diameter of size 30mm to 50mm has a tolerance of 0.45% and 0.3% for premium tolerance.

For the diameter of above 50mm, the tolerance condition is 0.1% and 0.8% for the premium condition.

precision rolling pipe inspection

The Precision of Manufacturing Rolling Pipe

How is the precision rolling pipe able to meet the highest quality for the oil field application?

It all boils down to the manufacturing methods that are used on these pipes. The rolling pipe manufacturers use some techniques which ensure that the pipe is flawless on all of its essential aspects.

Here is an overview of the key steps that are used for manufacturing precision rolling pipes for sale:

-Inspection of the raw materials
-Removal of the oxide layer
-Hot rolling process
-Passivation and pickling process which is also known as phosphating
-Cold rolling process
-Removal of oil
-End cutting
-Packing and storage

Once these procedures are followed to the latter, you can be sure that the quality of the precision rolling pipe will be excellent.

Of course, this can be expected only from the best precision rolling pipe manufacturers.

Precision Rolling Pipe Manufacturer China

If you are looking for the premium quality precision rolling pipes in China, be keen on buying reliable manufacturers and suppliers.

It is only from the best manufacturer that you can be 100% sure of the quality of the equipment that you are buying.

For this reason, we at San Jack Petro are proud to state that we are among the most reliable precision rolling pipe manufacturer in China

Our rolling pipes are capable of performing well on different types of oil fields.