Sanjack Precision rolling pipe

Sanjack Petro manufactures Precision rolling pipe in China. We have our own factory of Precision rolling pipe. Sanjack Petro provide the high quality and competitive price on Precision rolling pipe for you. Contact us now for Precision rolling pipe quotation.

  • Sanjack’s precision rolling pipe has extremely high precision and straightness can be less than 0.01mm/m.
  • It has various types of cold rolling mill such as LG30, LG60, LG80 , LG220 and establishes a complete quality Control system.
  • After pickling, phosphating and other processes, to ensure the rolling quality.

The Sanjack petro precision rolling pipe can be used for downhole pump barrel & plunger, sucker rod coupling, ESP housing, motor bearing, and housing.

In 2015, Sanjack established precision rolling pipe production line.

The quality and accuracy are at the leading level in China.

The annual production capacity reaches 4000 tons. Sanjack Petro is GE, SCHLUMBERGER, DOVER excellent supplier.

Product Application

The Sanjack petro precision rolling pipe can be used for downhole pump barrel & plunger, sucker rod coupling, ESP housing, motor bearing, and housing.

The precision rolling pipe is widely used in the manufacture of pump barrel.

In particular special materials such as brass, stainless steel, special size (such as 120mm above) large diameter pump barrel, using finishing rolling process to meet the standard requirements.

The Sanjack petro precision rolling pump barrel parameters

Barrel specification Nominal Dia.      (in) I.D.  Tolerance(mm) Wall thickness Material Plunger specification O.D. tolerance(mm) Length (in)
Φ32 1 1/4” ±0.05 3/50”







1.Carbon steel 1020、1026、1045 etc);


3.Alloy steel

304、316、316L、S50100、4130、13Cr、P9 etc.

Φ32 ±0.05 4’-6’
Φ38 1 1/2” ±0.05 Φ38 ±0.05
Φ44 1 3/4” ±0.05 Φ44 ±0.05
Φ50 2” ±0.05 Φ50 ±0.05
Φ57 2 1/4” ±0.05 Φ57 ±0.05
Φ70 2 3/4” ±0.10 Φ70 ±0.10
Φ83 3 1/4” ±0.10 Φ83 ±0.10
Φ95 3 3/4” ±0.10 Φ95 ±0.10
Φ108 4 1/4” ±0.10 Φ108 ±0.10
Φ220 8 5/8” ±0.10 Φ220 ±0.10
Φ280 11” ±0.10


Brass Sucker Rod Pump

To solve downhole sucker rod pump corrosion, Sanjack developed a brass sucker rod pump using precise rolling after 2 years of studying. Now, Sanjack is the first manufacturer in China and the products have been successfully exported to America, Canada, Russia, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Iran, etc.

china Brass Sucker Rod Pump supplier

2.ESP Housing, Motor Bearing and Housing

ESP housing and spline bearing made by Sanjack have high dimensional accuracy, which can be used directly without honing.

Data Sheet

Specification Nominal Dia. Tolerance Wall Thickness Material
Φ139 5 1/2” ±0.05mm 1/8”



Alloy steel pipe

16Mn,1Cr5Mo,35CrMo,9Cr1Mo,13Cr,22Cr, A335P9,4130,K500, 718

Φ178 7” ±0.05mm
Φ210 8 1/2” ±0.05mm
Φ280 11” ±0.05mm


Data Sheet of Sanjack Petro Precision rolling pipe

Dimension Range 280mm(OD)~14mm(ID)
Dimension Accuracy ±0.05mm
WT Tolerance <0.35mm
Flatness 0.8μm
Straightness <0.1mm/m
Ovality <0.03mm

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