How to solve the problem that the tubing falls off due to the loose closing of the locking ring of the tubing elevator?

An elevator is an important device for lifting and running tubing in workover operation. Its performance directly affects the efficiency and safety of workover operations. At present, the locking ring tubing elevator is widely used in Oilfield automatic workover.

However, the elevator in the existing technology often encounters loose handle screws in the construction process, which causes the locking ring to be not closed tightly and the tubing falls off. the elevator locking ring cannot be opened or closed tightly, resulting in the elevator can not be used normally.

In addition, due to the relatively compact installation position of elevator equipment, such as How to solve these problems in limited space has become a difficult problem.

In response to this problem, Sanjack Petro has developed a box-type elevator, including an elevator body, a left elevator block, a right elevator block, a drive mechanism, a transmission mechanism, and an anti-opening mechanism.

For this product,, the box elevator includes the elevator body, the left elevator block, the right elevator block, the drive mechanism, the transmission mechanism, and the anti-opening mechanism; by forming a clamping channel between the left elevator block and the right elevator block to the tubing Suspension; left or right elevator block can be driven by the power of the drive mechanism

Open or close, the transmission mechanism is connected with the anti-opening mechanism.

When the transmission mechanism moves, it will drive the anti-opening mechanism to move, so that the anti-opening mechanism lifts the restriction on the left or right elevator block;

When the left elevator When the block and the right elevator block are closed, when the drive mechanism does not output power to the transmission mechanism, the anti-opening mechanism can limit the left elevator block or the right elevator block to the elevator body, alleviating the difficulty in the existing technology in the limited space

The internal improvement of the elevator locking ring is not strict, causing the elevator to open unexpectedly and the tubing to fall, which has hidden safety problems.


100-elevator body

200-left elevator block;

300-right elevator block;

400-drive mechanism;

500-transmission mechanism;

501-transmission joint;

502-connecting part;

512-rotating arm;

522-connecting pin;

503-first rotating shaft;

600-anti-opening mechanism;

601-second rotating shaft;

602-force arm;


604-elastic part;

700-arc hole;

701-first arc segment;

702-second arc segment;

800-linkage mechanism;

801-third rotation shaft;

802-synchronous gear train;

900-conical through hole;

110-clamping channel.