Titanium Nano Polymer Coated Tubing

Titanium Nano Polymer Coated Tubing

When it comes to the tubing used for oil recovery, you cannot afford to compromise on the quality of coating that is used. This is if you want to make your oil recovery business to be a profitable venture.

While many types of coatings can be used, choosing one can be quite a task. But one of the most trusted coatings is the titanium nano polymer.

As the name suggests, this coating is a nano polymer that is based on titanium. It utilizes the features of both the materials to deliver the best coating.

Are you planning to buy this titanium nano polymer-coated tubing in China? Continue reading as we take you through the essentials that you should know about this oilfield wellbore equipment.

Understanding the science behind titanium nano polymer

Many researchers tend to compare titanium nano polymer to a high-grade epoxy resin. If you have used epoxy resin, you know how it is a good coating for different metals.

One of the reasons why titanium nano polymer is regarded as an upgraded resin is the high heat resistance that it has. The material will remain intact even when exposed to extremely high temperatures.

The coating is manufactured by blending epoxy resin with the nano-organic titanium polymer.

This due to the presence of titanium crystals that are bonded with the polymer to form a solid product.

Titanium also plays the role of a hardening material whereby it enhances the density of the tube coating.

The polymer, on the other hand, guarantees the continuity of the coating material. It bonds all the crystals while at the same time. The polymer molecules are a result of joining together monomers.

Now think of combining the properties of titanium and nano polymer. We end up with a quality material that will provide a bulletproof kind of coating.

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Features and Advantages of Titanium Nano Polymer Coated Tubing

Why should I buy tubing that is coated with titanium nano polymer and not those that are coated with other materials?

Some of the h top reasons that should convince you to buy this tubing include:

-Non-corrosive: This tubing is resistant to corrosion and even abrasion. This is attributed to the presence of non-organic titanium polymer, a material that is known for having high density.

-Excellent adhesion: The coating is highly adhesive to the steel meaning that it will form a near-perfect bond when used for coating.

-Excellent anti-scaling performance. The smooth surface of the titanium is the reason for this benefit. This ensures that the fluids can flow in the tubing with minimal resistance.

-High density: A combination of titanium and epoxy resin results in a high-density material that has high impact resistance.

-Chemical resistance: The materials for making the coating do not easily react with other chemicals.

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Titanium Nano Polymer Technical Specifications

You should also verify the technical specifications of the product so that you know what you are going to get from it. Is the tubing worth the money that you are paying for?

Some of the nano polymer tubing specifications include:

Product appearance: When it comes to the physical appearance, the tubing has a super smooth finishing which is basically the polymer layer. The coating is uniform and continuous devoid of any air bubbles.

With the best manufacturing standards, all the rough sections of the tubing are eliminated.

Dry film thickness: Tubing for wellbore is required to have a significant thickness. In this case, the dry film thickness is not less than 125 micro millimeters thick. As verified by ISO 2828:2008.

Wear resistance: The wear resistance dictates the maximum force that the tubing can withstand before it starts wearing.

For this product, the resistance is ≤40mg(1000g/1000r,CS17 wheel)or≥2L/μm

This is as prescribed by the GB/T 23988 standard.

Impact strength: The impact strength of a tubing determines the impact force that it can withstand.

The impact strength of titanium nano polymer is ≥4J,-20℃ for the powder coating and ≥6J,-20℃ for the liquid coating.

This is verified according to the ASTM G14-04standard

Adhesion: There are two parameters for measuring the adhesion of the tubing. One is bonding and is >20MPa. Secondly, its X-cutting ranges between Grade1-2.

The tubing does not have any leakage point as verified according to NACE TM 0384.

All the technical specifications that we have listed are verified according to the relevant international standards that we have mentioned.

Applications of Titanium Nano Polymer Coated Tubing

Before you go ahead and buy wellbore tubing that is coated with titanium nano polymer, you should strive to know whether it is a perfect solution for your oilfield.

This tubing is designed to function perfectly in areas oilfields whose pH ranges between 3-13.

It also works perfectly in areas that experience temperature that does not exceed 100 °C.

From the features and advantages, we have seen that titanium nano polymer-coated tubing is a piece of versatile oilfield equipment that is ideal for different oil recovery methods.

The tubing can be used for oil production wells, oil injection wells, and even for surface oil pipelines.

But before you use it, verify to see if it matches with the area of application.

Titanium Nano Polymer Coated Tubing Manufacturer

With the information that we have provided, you should now be able to buy the best nano polymer coated tubing for the wellbore.

One extra step that will determine the quality of tubing is where you buy.

This is because some manufacturers supply the best tubing and others not.

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To ensure that you get the best, buy from reliable nano polymer-coated tubing manufacturers in China.

Verify the capacity and the reviews of the manufacturer before you seal the deal for the oilfield equipment.

It is for this reason that we at San Jack Petro are dedicated to designing and manufacturing titanium coated tubing for oil and gas exploration.

We use high-grade titanium and nano polymer materials to coat the tubing.

Our contact lines are always open.
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