Tungsten Plated Tubing Project in Canada

Adam Oaks Energy is a well-known Canadian oil company, mainly engaged in oil and gas exploration and development.

Some of Adam Oaks Energy’s Wells contain corrosive substances, such as H2S and CO2, that cause severe corrosion to the tubing and sucker rod, reducing their service life.

The well contained 5% H2S, 4% CO2, 30% water and API12 crude.

After careful investigation, Adam Oaks Energy decided to use SanJack tungsten plated tubing to solve this production problem.

After one year’s field test, it was finally proved that SanJack tungsten plated tubing has extremely high corrosion resistance and wear resistance under acidic environment.

This kind of tubing can effectively solve the corrosion of tubing and sucker rod caused by H2S and CO2, and extend the service life by 4-7 times.