Vacuum insulation tubing & casing

Sanjack Petro manufactures Vacuum Insulation Tubing & Casing in China. We have our own factory of Vacuum insulation tubing & casing. Sanjack Petro provide the high quality and competitive price on Vacuum insulation tubing & casing for you. Contact us now for Vacuum insulation tubing & casing quotation.

  • Advanced 3-level vacuum pump, automatic welding machine and online radiographic, magnetic particle inspection guarantee the vacuum degree to realize high insulation class (grade D, E).
  • Perfect quality control and strict material selection, guarantee the service life in the industry leading level.
  • Full support on your customised requirement

Vacuum Insulated Tubular is one of the essential equipment for the steam injection thick oil recovery.

More heat can enter the oil layer by the insulated tubing steam injection.

Therefore the steam at the bottom of the well can be drier, so that the increased production of the thick oil can be realized.

Prevent the damage of casing and cement sheath caused by the high-temperature deformation, and increase the casing lifetime at the same time.

Sanjack Petro has 10-years’ experience in manufacturing vacuum tubing and casing.

The product quality is stable and reliable.

Sanjack Petro owned 2 seamless steel pipe production lines, 3 VIT tubing production lines, 7 tubing & casing processing lines and 2 steel pipe upsetting lines.

The annual production reaches 1 million meters.

The products have been provided in many oilfields of China and exported to Canada, Oman, Kazakhstan and etc.

In Shengli Oilfield, market share of Sanjack Vacuum Insulated Tubular exceeds 80% in 3 years.

Key Features

1. For conventional thermal recovery under 380℃ and supercritical environment of 400℃ 2. Well depth can reach 1500 meters
3. With good quality control system, 85% of grade E, and the rest are grade D.
4. Been sold to Canada, Kazakhstan, Oman.
5. Internal connection, External connection and Direct connection 6. Stable and reliable in quality. Defect detective 100% before delivery.

Insulation Type Sanjack Vacuum Insulated Tubular has A variety of heat insulation materials, currently mainly used aerogel and Gridding Cloth Aluminium Foil. aerogel is a nanoporous solid state material.

Because of its low density, aerogel is known as the lightest solid material in the world. Aerogels have outstanding properties in thermal, acoustic, optical and mechanical fields due to its fine nano porous structure and large surface area. Aerogel insulation felt is made of special fiber yarn as the base material, and is prepared by nano composite process.

It is mainly used for thermal insulation of heavy oil high temperature steam injection pipeline and the insulation of the refinery device medium pipeline.

The general temperature is between 200 ~500℃. Aerogel products are light and have excellent hydrophobicity, hydrophobicity rate is more than 98% and pH value is neutral.

It will not corrode the heat preservation pipeline, thus prolonging the service life and reducing the later maintenance cost.</p>

Sanjack Petro –  Manufacturer of Vacuum Insulation Tubing and Casing

Vacuum Insulation Tubing and Casing
NO. Spec


Key Parameters Service Parameters
Thermal Conductivity Tensile Strength

at RM Temp

Internal Pressure Collapse Resistance straightness Well Depth Work



OD*ID OD*ID RM Temp Steam Injection Room Temp. Steam Injection Regularly Over
  mm*mm in*in W ( M ℃) KN MPa MPa MPa MPa % meter in
1 89*50 3 1/2* 2 3/8 0.002-0.08 432 32 20 30 28 ≤0.2 ≤1500 350 380 5
2 114*62 4 1/2*2 7/8 0.002-0.08 506 32 20 26 24 ≤0.2 ≤1500 350 380 7
3 114*76 4 1/2*3 1/2 0.002-0.08 537 32 20 26 24 ≤0.2 ≤1500 350 380 7
4 127*76 5*2 7/8 0.002-0.08 615 32 20 23 21 ≤0.2 ≤1500 350 380 9 5/8
5 177*101 7*5 1/2 0.002-0.08 780 32 17 22 17 ≤0.2 ≤1500 350 380

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