Vacuum Insulation Tubing Project in Finland


In 2014, Finland’s total energy consumption was 1340PJ, 245GJ per capita, among which electricity consumption was 83.3TWh, 15261kwh per capita.

New energy accounts for about 50 percent of total energy consumption, including 18 percent from nuclear energy and 32 percent from renewable energy.

Finland, located in northern Europe, has no oil and no coal. Its domestic energy resources are very scarce and it relies on imports.

If nuclear power is counted as domestic energy, Finland was only 48% self-sufficient in energy between 2000 and 2009, and 53% between 2010 and 2013.

The traditional pillar industries of Finland, forest industry and metallurgical industry, are both energy-intensive.

In addition, the geographical conditions lead to the long heating period in winter in Finland, so the contradiction between supply and demand of energy is very prominent.

In order to solve this problem, Finland, on the one hand, is committed to improving energy efficiency and on the other hand vigorously developing new energy sources mainly in the form of renewable energy.

At present, geothermal energy is the key energy utilized by the Finnish government.

Vacuum Insulation Tubing are widely used in geothermal exploitation to reduce the loss of heat energy in the transmission process.

In addition to steam injection in oil thermal recovery, Vacuum Insulation Tubing is also widely used in geothermal production.

Since 2018, Sanjack has continued to export Vacuum Insulation Tubing to Finland for geothermal exploitation.

Sanjack’s Vacuum Insulation Tubing with high insulation and long service life, the products are favored by Finnish customers.